T Sisters

Variety Shows

Lilith Fair Variety Show

The Lilith Fair Variety show was such a fun night featuring predominately female artists at the Chthonic Theater warehouse space in Oakland. The list of amazing performers is below along with a few videos by Rob Smith. The next variety show will take place on June 3rd, 2016. Tickets available HERE![…]

May 9th Variety Show: Water – Debrief

The variety show on May 9th was another wonderful music-filled evening at the Chthonic Theater. The theme, water, really seemed to resonate with the performers and many of them performed songs inspired by the subject. Act 1: Ramsey Tietjen: Ramsey (aka Pa) performed a couple of heart-filled original tunes, on[…]

Oh My Goddess! Variety Show debrief

On April 17th we traveled to the remote island Yonia; a post-Amazonian neo-pagan gynocracy where trees do not grow but bushes thrive. Our emcee Johnny Meshugenah, who was shipwrecked there, found that the islanders were a particularly talented bunch. Check out the run-down of the show below! Set 1: Alex Mandel:[…]

Twilight Zone Variety Show

The Twilight Zone Variety Show took place on Friday, October 17th at the Chthonic Theater in Oakland. We were so impressed by all of the performances. Thank you so much to all of the performers, helpers and enthusiastic audience members! Below is info on the performers in show order. The next show[…]

Wet Hot American Summer Variety Show

Wet Hot American Summer Variety Show at the Chthonic Theater | August 16th, 2014 We’d like to thank everyone who helped out, performed and attended the Chthonic Theater variety show this Saturday night. What an honor to have such talent gracing the stage at our warehouse home. Check out the[…]