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About the T Sisters


Photo by Souls of San Francisco

It is said the deeper a tree’s roots run, the taller it can grow. For siblings Erika, Rachel, and Chloe Tietjen of the T SISTERS, their roots as songwriters are buried in a narrative of family and sisterhood.

California born and raised, and now based in Oakland, the Tietjens have been singing together their whole lives. “We sang together when we were little, making up songs and writing plays together in the attic of our grandparents’ house,” says the trio. “Our parents were dancers and our father is a musician, so rhythm and movement were a constant backdrop for our experience of music.” Staging original musical theater productions together in college inspired Erika, Rachel and Chloe to write and arrange their own music, leading to the T Sisters.

The Band

T-Sisters Rivertown m.woolsey 2015-48

Photo by Michael Woolsey

The three sisters accompany themselves on guitar, banjo, and percussion, and are joined by upright bassist Steve Height and guitarist/mandolinist Andrew Allen Fahlander.  The addition of these talented fellows to the band have provided a grounding and depth to the music as well as a nice counter-balance to the feminine-forward nature of the band.

The sisters captivate audiences with close harmonies, inventive arrangements, and plenty of sass. When performing their lively set of originals and covers—sometimes in arresting a cappella—they call to mind classic girl groups: from The Andrews Sisters and The Ronettes to The Roches and the Dixie Chicks. Touching on elements of folk, Americana, gospel, R&B, bluegrass and soul, the T Sisters weave evocative stories with a sound that is at once modern and timeless.



Young T Sisters, Berkeley circa 1990

Though the roots of their project are many years in the making, the T Sisters became full-time musicians only in 2014. They began 2015 grateful for a host of accomplishments: their first full-length album, produced by Grammy-winning musician Laurie Lewis, and a new EP; a performance of the national anthem at the San Francisco Giants game; supporting vocals two years in a row at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass; a performance in support of ALO at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco; and an exciting performance on Garrison Keillor’s classic live radio show ‘A Prairie Home Companion.’ They have been honored to lend their vocals to a range of musicians and musical projects: Laurie Lewis, Amos Lee, Jim Lauderdale, The Waybacks, The California Honeydrops, Elephant Revival, Everyone Orchestra, and many more.  The T Sisters look forward to many more musical adventures together.

Musical Theater and Community Events with Chthonic Theater


“A Murmured Tale” promo photo by Scott Finsthwait

Chthonic Theater (pronounced thon-ik) is an Oakland-based performing and visual arts collective. Founded by the T Sisters and Analisa Svehaug, the collective is based out of the eclectic neighborhood of Jingletown in Oakland.

Chthonic Theater collaborates with and supports local artists through regular variety shows, musical theater productions, parades and more.

Chthonic Theater’s events and productions incorporate music, dance, theater, and written word, as well as visual transformation of space through costuming and set design.

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