T Sisters


February 2015: ALO Tour d’Amour – California

We are thrilled to be spending 3 weeks in February with the Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO) for their ninth annual Tour d’Amour!  Each year ALO organizes a winter tour to some of California’s greatest venues. Mark your calendars and buy your tickets soon!

EP “Ready For Love” is follow up to Kindred Lines

When we were recording Kindred Lines, our first full-length album, there were a few songs that didn’t quite fit the feel of the album.  We decided to revisit them this winter, adding the sexy percussion stylings of Marlon Aldana, the killer steel guitar of James Nash, and deep, sultry vocals of Tom[…]

T Sisters Organize BAM/PFA Parade

We were recently approached by the director of the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive to organize a parade to celebrate both the impending move of the museum to a new building and the winter solstice on December 21st, 2014. Having organized parades in our Oakland neighborhood, Jingletown, we gladly accepted[…]

Zellies, xylitol and clean, clean teeth!

A year or so ago, our dad gifted us a booked called ‘Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye’ by Dr. Ellie Phillips.  Having had sensitive teeth and a healthy fear of the dentist for most of my lifetime, I delved in, excited to learn about how I could avoid dental trips (though[…]

T Sisters Head to the Northwest!

We are on the road again heading up to the beautiful Pacific Northwest! Thanks to new-fangled technology we can stay in touch with our followers all over while we’re on the road, so stay tuned for fun tour updates. Let your friends in these places know we’re coming to town![…]

Twilight Zone Variety Show

The Twilight Zone Variety Show took place on Friday, October 17th at the Chthonic Theater in Oakland. We were so impressed by all of the performances. Thank you so much to all of the performers, helpers and enthusiastic audience members! Below is info on the performers in show order. The next show[…]